sunday chilly sunday

Hello guys, a bit more confident for this article: yes we can, si se puede!

After 16 days on this blog, I read my articles, just to see. WELL, I seem super depressed hahaha. And bossy. I would never like being my own friend hahaha.

So, what’s up New Yorkkkkk?

  1. I finished for the 45th time How Met Your Mother and for the 1st time, I kind of liked the end. #yay #bravo #isaureforpresident  ;
  2. I went two days in Amsterdam ;
  3. I ate 12 Stroopwafels in 2 hours ;
  4. I am ruined (please, Mama, don’t read this) ;
  5. I discovered a lot of French Youtube channels ;
  6. Therefore I wonder: « come ooooooon Isaure, do you want to open yours? » ;
  7. Consequently Thesis ;
  8. Besides I went for ONE beer on Friday night ;
  9. I had more than one ;
  10. And of course on Saturday I woke up at noon, with a tiny little hangover lol ;
  11. But I found the way to go for a run while it has been two months I did not go.

Am I prouuuuuuuuud? No. But. Ok. No. Excuse.

This week I read poems (Milk and Honey) which were kind of deep and a bit disturbing, but I really liked it. I started (and finished) the new Netflix Original called College Friends which was o-kay. (Yes it was so disturbing to see Robin in another TV Show than How I Met Your Mother) (Lets gooooo to the Maaaaall) I also rediscovered good French movies with Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotillard, God bless Netflix Germany for those two films ; AMEN.

Isaurely Yours.



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