sunday bloody sunday

Oh well, kind of weird for me to write something in English, while lately I spend most of my time writing in French to my friends and in German for my thesis. Nevertheless a promise is a promise : Sundays are English days.  My English is not that good, but improving is a good thing, soooooo as Barney Stinsons would say :

« Challenge Accepted » 

This Sunday was not the best of my   stay in Hamburg. Actually, it was maybe one of the worst because of… the G20 ! (and all the triggered demos…) Do we really want to walk and have fun in a city filled with police and violence? NO. Helicopters always in the sky, police sirens always ringing… WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND. We went on Thursday night to Sausalitoooos and normally this bar is crowded, like super-over-crowded and on last Thursday? EM-PTY-EM-PTY-EM-PTY. We consequently decided to take the bikes to discover Empty-Hamburg and the Scene was unexpected: it was really like a movie when war is about to start. How creepy.

Best thing to do is these moments : go to a friend and chill with a mug of tea/coffee and a/several piece/s of cake like the Danish and their Hygge . ERGGGGG COOL

Why do I suddenly talk in Dutch ? Because tonight I take the bus for Amsterdam to meet one of my favorite ex-colleague. I really cannot wait to bicycle in this city I do not know and to eat stroopwafels. ERGGGGG LEKKER

Isaurely Yours.



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